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Moroccan Spring: A Bevy of Bold Color


Spring is in full bloom, and inspired by all the bursting beauty, we’ve added a host of vintage Moroccan rugs to our collection, each a brilliant specimen of vibrant and untamed fascination.

vintage-moroccan-rug-12x5-bb5872 vintage-moroccan-rug-16x6-bb5884vintage-rug-Moroccan-modernist-abstract-geometric-7x5-bb5900

There’s so much personality and dynamism contained in these pieces. Asymmetry, full colors, and big, ruddy line work speak to a sense of heartiness and assertion. If one thing is for certain, these rugs are impossible to ignore.


The variety of patterns and aesthetic found in vintage Moroccan rugs can be credited to the wonderful diversity of tribes in the region, which allowed for the development of a huge range of designs.


The vivacity that these pieces lend to interiors is unmatched. And the high-pile shag and texture makes vintage Moroccans as lovely to touch as they are to behold. 

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