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How Innovative Interiors Use Contemporary Rugs


Boundary pushing isn’t easy in the interior design field. While it’s something designers are asked to do every day, creating a space that’s simultaneously edgy and inviting, compositionally unique and comfortable is no small feat. We’ve compiled a few designers who we think do it exceptionally well, as well as a selection of contemporary rugs in line with the their aesthetics:


A dreamy silk rug designed by Eskayel that has a similar softening effect to the piece pictured above.
A mesmerizing monochrome by Kim Alexandriuk
Grange furniture in a room that mixes vintage-feel pieces and a bevy of different textures, plus that unexpected purple pop.
This contemporary gray rug boasts a delicate pattern and the jewel-like color pops are simply fetching.
One more from Grange. Going all-in on a color scheme is a big risk, but in this instance it definitely pays off.
A modernist Turkish kilim in rich red-orange that reminds us of a desert sunset.
A living room by Reese Robers & Partners that lets the view shine in a room-scape that is still uncommonly lovely.

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