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Getting Creative with Area Rugs

Who doesn’t love a good area rug? They are not only beautiful, but also comfortable. No other piece of decor will fill up empty space so effectively as them, yet so many people are afraid of purchasing one. Their intimidating size can be troublesome for those with limited space, however there are many ways in which we can use area rugs, even in small spaces!

Luckily for us, both modern and antique rugs come in many sizes and shapes, both flat-woven and with a high pile! The only thing you need to successfully decorate your house with an area rugs is imagination! After all, there are no set rules when it comes to decorating – allow yourself to be as creative and free as you wish!


Due to their size, area carpets easily become the focus of the room, making any dissonance between it and other pieces of decor especially jarring. It might be wrong color or pattern, but still you should be very careful about putting such a rug into an already decorated interior. Do make sure that it fits your ongoing theme and palettes, but if it doesn’t, you might want to rethink a purchase and pick a new one.

A basic mistake of decorating is to pick a rug in the same color as your walls. It is bad enough with smaller carpets, but with an area one, you will fill as if someone closed you in a colorful cube. Consider buying a piece in a color of your other decoration, so that you will be able to keep the balance between different hues.

At this point you might be afraid of picking more colorful rugs in favor of plainer ones, but don’t let fears stop you from choosing something beautiful. Bold ornamentations or vivacious palettes won’t do you any harm! What our guests will think about the house is important, but remember that you are the one who lives in here, so make it the way you like.


Oriental rugs and Persian carpets are a vast source of inspiration for designers all over the world. Classic patterns are being recreated and modernized, filling the market with astonishing pieces every year. Area rugs also are subjected to this trend, making it a great way to give your interior some of that elegant vibe, characteristic for antique carpets, but with a pinch of modernity. Of course there is nothing stopping you from picking an antique area rugs! Those are a real treat for the eyes, with their masterfully designed patterns and eternally beautiful colors. Do keep in mind that although having an antique rug will make your household more prestigious and elegant, they are usually more expensive than modern ones and demand more care from their owner. If you are not afraid of that, antique area rug might be your pick!


Size is another important factor in buying area rug. As we mentioned before, they are defined by their rather large size, although it might not always be the case. Most tipical sizes, that you are sure to find in any shop are 4 by 6 or 5 by 7 feet, 6 by 9 ft. and 8 by 10 or 9 by 12 ft.. If it turns out you need a much bigger piece, consider having rug custom made by a professional. If you are unsure about measurements, pick a slightly bigger rug, because tucking some of it under furniture is not as difficult as using small rug to fill a big room.

Any rug’s main task is to help define a space and if it happens to be limited, consider experimenting with carpet’s shape. Get yourself a square, triangular or round rug, as this will help you work out some of the limitations and make your room look original. You can visually separate the seating area in an open space by utilizing a large area rug and then putting furniture on it – this little trick will help the borders inside a much larger space. In order to keep rug and furniture connected and still fill a large space, choose a large rug but place it just under the front legs of the sofas.


Don’t go on placing you area rug willy-nilly! Where you put it might have a huge impact not only on the decor, but also rug itself. Depending on how much floor will your area carpet cover, some of it might be placed on its pile. This can beneficial in some situations, but if your rug of choice is made of very delicate fiber, such as silk or happens to be antique, you might want not to place anything heavy on it in order not to risk any damage. The same goes for sun exposition – the more the worse for the carpet, as its dyes might fade considerably with time. Risky places, such as dining rooms or kitchens should be considered carefully. Modern area rugs shrug off stains and spills more easily than antique ones, which might end up irreparably damaged.

There is no need to be scared of area rugs. Although at time they are difficult to work with, the final effect that they provide is always worth it. While modern area rugs are universal enough to fit into almost every type of accommodation, antique and vintage ones will provide you with an aura of sophistication and elegance. Bedrooms will benefit from the presence of an area rug by becoming warmer and cozier, living rooms will gain a character and dining rooms will look tidier and harmonious. It is astonishing how much can be achieved with just a one, albeit very big rug! We would like to encourage you to browse through out exquisite collection of area rugs, brought from every corner of Earth. Seeing them might help you visualize your own dream rug and who knows? Maybe you will find that one, perfect carpet that you will fall in love with? Everything is possible!

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