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Capsule Collection

The pandemic was the catalyst for this collection.

Our weavers, artisans in dire need for work, were given a free hand to use existing dyed materials, without any preconceived rug ideas. Their creative detours brings us the surprise and transience of this collection.

It is our honor to help the weaving communities’ needs which in turn will give our clients these fantastic rugs.

New Contemporary Kilim Rug N12250Modern Kilim Flat Weave Rug N12201

Capsule Collection

N12218 N12062 N12180 N12214 N12222 N12209 N12221 N12215 N10210 N11934 N11579 N12196 N12217 N12208 N12212 N12211 N12192 N12210 N12223 N12183 N12197 N12206 N10627 N11635 N12160 N11770 N12178 N11677 N12138 N12219 N12058 N12148 N12174 N11445 N12200


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