Nader Bolour

A living legend of the luxury carpet realm - Nader Bolour is the owner of the Doris Leslie Blau Gallery and, at the same time, a talented designer. Located in NYC, the place is permeated with the magic of antique, vintage and modern rugs. Nader has always been exposed to the spellbinding influence of the weaving masterpieces and they seem to have captured his attention completely. Following his passion and family...

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One might actually say that rugs are flowing in Nader Bolour’s veins because he was literally raised on wool and silk. As he recalls: “This has always been in our DNA. I started out sweeping and cleaning the carpets, but even when I was a young child in Iran, the carpets were my playground”. His family established the Bolour&Sons enterprise in the 1920’s in their homeland – Iran – and gained worldwide recognition as one of the most distinguished dealers. Sensing the changing tide of the socio-political situation, the Bolours wisely decided to act and moved their business to London. There, Y&B Bolour was created in 1978 – a firm in which Nader was involved from the very beginning and honed his knowledge about the carpet industry under the watchful eye of his father. At the age of 20 he made the acquaintance of Doris Leslie Blau, America’s Grand Dame of antique Oriental rugs, who had a prestigious gallery that she ran under her own name. Years later, when Nader had already branched out to the U.S. and had a location opened in New York, the two of them met again. The reconnection turned out to be fruitful and resulted in cooperation between the doyenne and the broad-minded dealer. Their friendship transformed into a partnership when Nader purchased the notable Doris Leslie Blau Gallery in 1997. 

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Thanks to his business acumen, out-of-the-box thinking and immeasurable experience, Nader has ensured the gallery’s continued success. With his finger constantly on the pulse of an ever-changing market and an unprecedented eye skilled in finding rare specimens, he instituted a new quality of the carpet dealership. There is no challenge too big, no problem that cannot be solved. “It's not just about the buying and selling of carpets anymore. While I miss the traditional aspects of the business since I have been in it for almost 30 years, the amount of creativity that is being used is truly innovating, whether it's the way we place an antique rug in a modern setting or creating new rugs with re-dyed, scraps of old rugs or just going beyond the 21st century in the creation of rugs that do not look like rugs. The challenge remains today how to have the gauge of the younger more brand-oriented client while at the same time remaining true to our core clientele who have been and continue to be great clients”, the master remarks. His professionalism and openness have attracted many people from the world of design. He launched several Designer Collections, featuring icons such as Tommy Hilfiger, Amy Lau, Miles Redd, Mariette Himes Gomez, Cullman&Cravis or Märta Måås-Fjetterström. The full list is much longer and definitely open to new names. 

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Apart from being an exquisite dealer of rugs, Nader Bolour is a designer himself. Who would better understand the never-fading elegance of antique carpets if not the person who was raised among them. His designs are classical, yet contain hints of modernism. They combine the glory of the Orient with the freshness of contemporary influences. Therefore, whether you seek a rug from Nader or you desire his original design, you can rest assured that he is prepared to deliver a bit of soul to your home.