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11 Wall Art Design Ideas For a Modern Décor

A wall left bare should send a message, should be part of a design endeavor, should be left bare for a reason. 

They can boost functionality through foldable desks and floating shelves or they can infuse positive energy through various displays that can vary from personal paintings in oil and acrylic up to origami and kirigami installations, family photos and collectible showcases. We are all unique, our interior spaces are unique and so are to future wall art installations, choose to craft the new piece of modern décor yourself, choose to make a beautiful change.

Construct a Wall Art With Wooden Pallets

Pallets can be happily found everywhere around, they can be salvaged with no costs and their wooden warmth and coziness can greatly contribute to interior design line. The wooden planks contained in a pallet do not necessarily come from the same tree and as a result the crafter is blessed with different patterns and colors that can be balanced in interesting compositions, these can serve as a background for a map, a quote or a cozy welcoming message that can be stenciled with ease; one could also get creative with planks themselves and create an intricate game of textures with a custom geometry.


 Use Playful Mirror Compositions as Wall Art

Mirrors have great advantages indoors beyond their practical use; they emphasize the feeling of space by bouncing light throughout the room. One could change the form of the mirror and create a new dynamic in its interior space, from geometric to organic composition; the presence of the mirror will enhance the interior space regardless of shape.

art showcase

Showcase Delicate Bohemian Drawings

Simple elements might be the recipe to success, choose delicate, intricate drawings full of detail, drawings able to change an interior space through their presence. A Parisian vibe can be obtained through grayscale-sepia sketches, seek inspiration online, grand designs can be found in free printables.

art match

Match Your Persian Rug With an Intricate Piece of Wall Art

One could support his Persian rug texture with the appropriate wall art, creating an interesting infusion in both the horizontal and vertical plane with ease, choose complementary colors and textures.


Transform The Picture of Your Loving Pet Artistically

Your little furry friend might become the super-star that he was born to be, use the blank walls like a canvas and nestle color on it, a few filters on a picture and you are good to go for an extremely cool collage.

dog use

Use a Sensible Fabric as Wall Art

One creative diy enthusiast could use fabric as wall art beautifully by embellishing a blank canvas or cork board; the cork board could also have a function role as a pin board. Getting creative with simple elements might go a long way.

fabric send

Send a Message Through Volumetric Letters

letters volumic

Volumetric letters can be realized with ease at home or can be purchased from a craft shop, personalize them with up-cycled texture and fabric and sent the right message in your interior décor through a graphic volume.

Use Intricate Plates to Simulate Giant Buttons

Colorful plates can become an item of great design on your blank canvas, you can display them as immense buttons isolated or create an immense showcase for your collection.

buttons create

Create Your Own Unique Tape With Washi Tape

Washi tape is a great weapon in the arsenal of a contemporary crafter, it can transform items completely, revamp them . Washi tape is also used to create custom, unique patterns and this process scaled can give birth to wall art; the possibilities are endless and the results are always unique, experiment on a small white canvas and extrapolate when you`re ready.

washi tape create 2

Create Paper Art Compositions In Your Décor

Paper art can be born through multiple procedures but origami and kirigami are the ones that truly bring value to the field, a great deal of tutorials can guide the crafter towards interesting elements that can vary from paper butterflies and tiny hearts up to dragons and magical creatures, these used in installations can shape the spatiality a great deal, they`re able to manipulate perception and perspective and bring in an extraordinary positive energy.

lamp showcase

Showcase a Beautiful Photo Compilation

Memories worth remembering, positive experiences are always worth showcasing. Choose to express them in a graphic composition on your wall, black and white pictures can be discrete and powerful in a timeless manner while colorful ones can bring a great deal of positive energy.

last one wall art

Wall art resulted from DIY projects are different, unique and special.

What do you think? We would love to hear your opinion on the subject in the comment section below.

Images discovered on Homesthetics Magazine via Pinterest



Giuroiu Anton is the Founder of Homesthetics Magazine, an online architecture art and design resource. In the spare time he writes as a guest for several architecture websites like Freshome and Architecture`n`Design. He is currently studying Architecture and Urbanism at Ion Mincu University in Romania where he also graduated Tudor Vianu National Computer Science College, his educational background fueling his thirst for technology and design.