Fine Vintage Flatweave by Marta Maas Fjetterstrom
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Fine Vintage Flatweave by Marta Maas Fjetterstrom BB6477

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The mid-20th century Scandinavian approach to the art of scandinavian rug making has taken by storm and redefined the entire antique carpet industry. This fabulously simplistic yet sophisticated and charming Swedish tapestry flat-weave, created in the workshops of the great Marta-Maas Fjetterstrom, is the flagship example of the remarkable northern craftsmanship.

Its firm body was meticulously hand-woven of high quality wool according to traditional techniques which allowed the Swedish rug to survive until this day in perfect condition. If properly cared for, the vintage carpet will serve its owners for generations without graver signs of blemish or wear. However, its strongest merit is the well-balanced and extremely appealing design, deeply rooted in Scandinavian aesthetics. The entire field of the Swedish flat-weave is covered in an allover geometric pattern of colorful polygons, adorned with small cubes and zigzag motifs – most probably the symbols of running water. There are no multiple borders, the composition is enclosed within a single stripe of beige and divided into smaller sections at the shorter sides of the area rug.

The color palette relies on pastel and slightly washed out colors with predominance of beige and mauve, accompanied by green and finished with strong navy blue and brown. This enchanting Swedish tapestry weave will be perfect for a wide array of contemporary interior décors, bringing in the artistry and irresistible charm of Scandinavian craft.

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Item No.: BB6477 Circa: 1950 Size: 5'1" × 7'5" (154 × 226 cm)
Style: Abstract, Casual, Geometric, Scandinavian Origin: European Rugs, Swedish Rugs Construction: Flat Weave