Vintage Swedish Flat Weave Rug BB6281

Vintage Swedish Flat Weave Rug Description:

Vintage Swedish Flat Weave Rugs, a mid 20th century Scandinavian flat weave carpet, Circa: 1955, Origin: Sweden. This captivating antique rug by Judith Johansson is both perfectly designed and simple. The color scheme, kept in the tones of brown, grey and beige, generates an aesthetic feeling and is pretty universal. The central part of the vintage carpet bag is surrounded by dark brown and light grey lines which are intriguingly soften with other shades.

The intense tree-bark background, filled with oatmeal beige polygons organized in three rows in the middle, is the first thing that catches the eye of an observer. Inside the hexagons there are two motifs placed alternately: yellowish rectangles and three light grey stripes. This vintage Scandinavian carpet paradoxically gives the impression of both simplicity and intricacy which makes it so unique.

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