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Vintage American Rag Rug BB6402


This lovely piece clearly shows that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Although a rag rug may bring to mind pejorative connotations, in fact it is one of the most respected and long-established type of antique rugs in the world. Moreover, it is completely in line with current trends in eco-friendliness and recycling. Rag vintage rugs are created from carefully selected pieces of used textiles which are thoroughly interwoven into the foundation or just tied together in order to lead yet another life full of purpose. The one before your eyes was masterfully hand-knotted of the finest textiles by a skilled artisan in the mid-20th century and survived until today without any signs of wear or damage.

This vintage beauty is well-adjusted to modern aesthetic standards as minimalism never goes out of fashion. There is no pattern, just an off white background intertwined with irregular and hazy stripes in heartwarming pastel shades of blue, yellow, sage, pink, brown and orange. The American rag rug, although made almost 70 years ago, will perfectly match present day interiors, from boho, through Scandinavian-inspired to shabby chic. It is an option for the admirers of careless chic and everlasting beauty.

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Item No.: BB6402 Circa: 1950 Size: 7'3" × 9'3" (220 × 281 cm)
Style: Casual, Stripe