Extra Large Vintage Indian Dhurrie Carpet BB7557 by DLB
Extra Large Vintage Indian Dhurrie Carpet
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Extra Large Vintage Indian Dhurrie Carpet BB7557 16'0" × 18'2" $40,000

An Indian Dhurrie rug, the pistachio field with an overall lozenge lattice containing golden yellow fleur-de-lys within a golden yellow Greek key border.

Dhurrie rugs have been made by the people of India for thousands of years. By definition, a dhurrie (the word is sometimes spelled “dari” or “durrie”) is a flat-woven antique rug indigenous to India and the surrounding regions — Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Burma. Dhurries are always weft-faced, which means that the warp, or lengthwise threads of the large area rugs, are never visible except at the fringes. Indian Dhurrie vintage looking rugs can be coarsely or finely woven and, best of all, they are reversible and easy to clean. Cotton, flat-woven dhurries are light so they can be folded and moved without a slightest effort. Moreover, their practicality manifests itself in the resistance to silverfish and other insects responsible for destroying regular carpets. Due to the fact that Indian dhurries are impenetrable to those parasites, they are distinguished by a particularly low-maintenance cost and upmost durability. Finally, a genuine cotton Indian Dhurrie rug is always warm in winters and cool in summers thanks to which one may use them all year round with the benefit to the home ambience .


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Price: $40,000

Item No.: BB7557 Circa: 1940 Size: 16'0" × 18'2" (487 × 553 cm)
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