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Vintage Aubusson Rug
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Vintage Aubusson Rug BB6434 11'8" × 16'2" $20,000

Aubusson rug made in a town on the Creuse River in central France are among the most elegant and luxurious antique floor coverings. Their history is undeniably profound as since the 15th century they have already catered for the needs of European nobility. This vintage European carpet before your eyes shows the incredible splendor, quality and artistry of creations coming from the famed French weaving center. Its vast main field is embellished with a rich, allover pattern of stylized foliage and flowers centering around a decorative rosette, enclosed within an opulent cartouche and a single border, quite modest compared the main design, which completes and balances the composition. This magnificent vintage Aubusson French rug has a clear, neo-classical, almost architectural monumentality and a soft coloration building on caramel, peach, indigo and rosewood tones, reminiscent of Greco-Roman decorative arts. It was masterfully hand-knotted of the finest wool and silk in accordance with old and refined weaving techniques. Due to such impeccable execution, this French antique carpet is distinguished by a tender and luminous pile, as well as remarkable durability which enabled it to survive until this day without any sings of blemish. This fabulous rug has a chance to bring in some of its palatial glamour to a wide array of contemporary interior arrangements.


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Price: $20,000

Item No.: BB6434 Size: 11'8" × 16'2" (355 × 492 cm)
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