Vintage High-Low Scandinavian Rug, Circa: 1940, mid-20th century high-low Scandinavian rug hand-knotted of wool. It's color is maintained in natural, earthy tones of beige, ivory and caramel. The pattern consists of a rectangular wall-like arrangement with striations and occasional floral embellishments. The rug has the shape of almost perfect square with dark border. The high - low texture is arranged so as to give the impression of spatiality. Characteristic spatial effect is achieved through a shortening of the length of dark fiber while the bright areas stay longer. This kind of structure provides a characteristic convexity - exceptional and distinctive. Floral elements distributed evenly on both sides of the rug break the severity of pure geometric form. Symmetrical and harmonious arrangement of figurations will satisfy especially supporters of elegant and balanced Scandinavian design. The rug's color and shape both make it a great addition to traditional interiors dominated by wood, as well as contemporary arrangements containing metal and glass.
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