Vintage French Deco Rug by Greta Skoaster Woven at Kiikan Kutamo Workshop BB6858

Vintage French Deco Rug by Greta Skoaster Woven at Kiikan Kutamo Workshop Description:

There are many fabulous innominate antique rugs made by anonymous weavers in renowned weaving centers but this one, besides its remarkable appearance and impeccable execution, can also boast two fabulous makers – Finnish designer Greta Skoaster and her trusted weaver, Kiikan Kutamo.

Their upmost artistic sensitivity and unmatched skill are visible in each and every inch of this vintage rug which is a ripe fruit of their close cooperation. Its design mergers Art Deco with Scandinavian style which results in a mesmerizing, simple yet dynamic composition. The abstract main field carries pronounced, irregular patches of color enclosed within a minimalistic charcoal border and finished with decorative laces at two shorter sides. The color palette is very typical of the northern craft. It builds upon a wide variety of toned, pastel shades, including taupe, light brown, peach, dusty yellow, jade and mauve.

Although quite abundant in hues and forms, this special european deco rug remains in perfect balance and exudes a truly sophisticated vibe. Its soft and sheen pile was thoroughly hand-knotted of the finest wool in accordance with old and refined weaving techniques by Kiikan Kutamo. Such thorough making has enabled the vintage Deco rug for sale to survive until this day without any signs of wear and will allow it to serve its lucky owners for generations. This fantastic, elaborate work of the weaving art will undoubtedly match any kind of contemporary interior arrangement. Its power lies in minimalism which never goes out of fashion and is the secret of Scandinavian style’s success. and nbsp; \n

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