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Vintage French Cogolin Rug
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Vintage French Cogolin Rug BB5994 16'5" × 18'4" $70,000

Founded in the village of Cogolin in the Provence Alpes, La Manufacture Cogolin was launched by Jean Lauer as a producer of silk. In 1928, the company purchased handlooms, featuring a jacquard mechanism combining needle, cylinder, and punch-card components, and began weaving vintage style rugs.

The heir of an enduring cultural legacy, La Manufacture Cogolin and its talented artisans draw on the heritage of the past and innovations of the present, designing exclusive antique oriental rugs to decorate the world’s most prestigious luxury hotels, embassies and private residences.

Doris Leslie Blau is proud to be in possession of an incredibly vast collection of antique carpets and European Art Deco rugs for sale which will please the eyes and the hands of even the most demanding connoisseurs. Visit our New York City Gallery and experience the magic and mystery of weaving masterpieces for yourself.


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Price: $70,000

Item No.: BB5994 Circa: 1970 Size: 16'5" × 18'4" (500 × 558 cm)
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