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Top 10 Most Stylish ‘Stardew’ Blue Kitchens

Stardew – even the name is irresistibly appealing, let alone the soothing and relaxing shade it stands for. Sherwin William’s August 2017 Color of the Month has taken the Internet by storm, and is definitely going to take over people’s interior designs for the next year (or more).

The muted blue hue with gray and green undertones has already entered some fabulous households. Take a look at 10 absolutely stunning kitchens and discover the power of Stardew for yourself.

blue-kitchen-cabinets-stardew-sherwin-williams-paint color

1. Julianne Hough’s L.A. Home

The color Stardew covers the kitchen furniture and amazingly corresponds with the rest of the Farmhouse/ Scandinavian arrangement. The backless, glass-front hanging cabinets expose the white tiles with black grout, and seem to literary float on the walls. So chic!

blue-kitchen-cabinets-stardew-sherwin-williams-paint color
Julianne Hough’s home

2. Modern Deco Kitchen by Emily Henderson

Brave decorating solutions don’t always pay off yet here we see that it’s sometimes worth a gamble. The combination of Stardew cabinets with bold and ornamental blue and white tiles is as inviting as it is beautiful. Golden faucet and handles complete the effect – nothing goes better together than blue, white and gold.


3. Nina Dobrev’s Modern California Aesthetic

How Stardew fits into the light-and-bright, Cali-cool décor? This fab kitchen can serve as the answer! Copper accessories and the blackboard wall balance the pure whiteness of the tiles and the delicate color of the kitchen cabinets. Simply perfect.

blue-kitchen-cabinets-stardew-sherwin-williams-paint color

4. Addison’s Stardew Wonderland

A bit of Cali-cool, a bit of glam and a lot of Stardew – this interior really looks like a wonderland. The kitchen island marks the passing point from one aesthetic to another. The two décors are buckled with aptly applied touches of black. Ingenious!


blue-kitchen-cabinets-stardew-sherwin-williams-paint color

5.Studio McGee’s Kitchen

This classic yet minimalistic kitchen incorporates a modern island, geometric shapes and simple, contemporary lighting. The soft color palette with the prevalence of Stardew and natural light wood shade adds homeliness to frugal forms. The whole composition couldn’t do without an large oriental rug – the prefect warmth bringer and space definer.

blue-kitchen-cabinets-stardew-sherwin-williams-paint color
Interior Design by Studio Mc Gee


blue-kitchen-cabinets-stardew-sherwin-williams-paint color
Interior Design by Studio Mc Gee

6. JacksonBuilt Custom Homes Project

Bright and spacious yet warm and welcoming – this kitchen has achieved it all! Farmhouse elements, such as lighting and wooden floor with knots, are complemented by classic furniture fronts. The Stardew shade, this time on the back wall instead of the cabinets, helps to tie the décor together.

blue-kitchen-cabinets-stardew-sherwin-williams-paint color
via Pinterest

7. James Davie’s Daring Interior

Here, the Stardew coats not only the cabinets but also beams that run across the V-groove plank ceiling. This bold design is perfectly balanced though it is not scared of ornamental tiles, futuristic, geometric shapes and pronounced touches of black. Check out the lighting and the hood – impressive!

blue-kitchen-cabinets-stardew-sherwin-williams-paint color
via Home Stories A to Z

8. Stardew Farmhouse Kitchen

A true idyll – the farmhouse kitchen with classic hallmarks of the style, such as a wooden bench, a stylized faucet, retro dishes and cabinets with rustic motifs. The wooden Stardew wall panels match the dark wood furniture by basing on contrast between the delicate and the more profound hues. What a lovely combination.

blue-kitchen-cabinets-stardew-sherwin-williams-paint color

9. Scandinavian-styled Kitchen

An absolutely minimalistic setting complemented with intriguing accessories – this must be Scandinavian design. White tiles with black grout, natural wood flooring, spare light bulb-on-cord lighting and simple furniture fronts covered in Stardew set the stage for framed art and fresh greenery. In this case anyone can see that less really is more.

blue-kitchen-cabinets-stardew-sherwin-williams-paint color

10.Victorian-styled Kitchen

Stardew is so versatile it can match a wide array of décors, including Victorian. Sublime kitchen cabinets on legs, ornaments and smooth finishes paired with Stardew make one feel like in queen’s palace. In face of such elegance you cannot remain indifferent.

blue-kitchen-cabinets-stardew-sherwin-williams-paint color
via pinterest

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