Vintage Swedish Flat Weave Rug
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Vintage Swedish Flat Weave Rug BB6240


Vintage Swedish Flat Weave rug, Circa: 1950, Origin: Sweden, mid-20th century vintage swedish shag rug. This one is created from vertical and horizontal interlocked threads in vivid colors. Fibers in shades of crimson red, purple, heather pink, yellow and blue are arranged in a geometric pattern, which is dominated by squares of different size. Design of this vintage carpet bag is maintained in a traditional Scandinavian aesthetics.

Simple, natural, and at the same time complex scheme, containing figures and perpendicularly intersecting lines, stimulates the senses. The extinguished color of background contrasts with the border of the small, yellow squares on both sides. The same shade of the yellow is used in the middle of each big square, what lightens the whole composition and makes it pleasant and full of energy. The weaving technique of this antique carpet, its color and size – altogether allow to apply it in every part of the house, even in the arbor, veranda or winter garden.

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Item No.: BB6240 Circa: 1950 Size: 4'9" × 8'7" (144 × 261 cm)
Style: Geometric, Scandinavian