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The Uniqueness of Scandinavian Folk Art

Folk art may be considered the earliest and most primary form of artistic expression and has been present in human life since the very dawn of the civilization. Created by ordinary people, untrained in any particular art field for symbolic and decorative purposes, folk art gives an excellent insight into local customs, beliefs, convictions and history. Scandinavian folk art is very particular as it has developed rather separately from the mainstream of European trends.

Scandinavian folk art is very particular. It has developed rather separately from the mainstream of European trends. Due to the long-lasting isolation, the Northmen relied on their own symbolic layer and aesthetic sense. They got the inspiration from dramatic and breathtaking natural surroundings.

Scandinavian Folk Art and the Vikings

We can trace the history of Scandinavian folk art back to the Viking times. Some might think that the Northern countries weren’t isolated from the rest of the world. After all we are aware of the Viking raids that terrorized the shores of western and northern Europe. However, the warriors were not interested in artistic nuances of the newly acquainted cultures. Also, they weren’t eager to assimilate. Some European-based elements have entered Swedish folk art. Yet most of it remained unique.

The Characteristics of Scandinavian Folk Art

In the late Middle Ages the Viking power was gradually extinguishing. Thus, Scandinavia no longer was the land of warriors. Instead, it became the land of farmers. More peaceful, nature-related motifs overtook the folk art. Works of artisans were full of flower, bird and human motifs. These often referred to Scandinavian tales, legends and fables. Such patterns also appear on Swedish flat-weave rugs or shaggy Ryas. Their simplicity doesn’t make them less heartwarming. On the contrary – it gives them timeless beauty. This instantly recognizable folk art is so elegant and alluring that its popularity is raising rather than fading. Vintage Scandinavian rugs are the apple of the eye of design aficionados and beauty-seekers around the world. These works of art perfectly match contemporary interiors.

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