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Scandinavian area rugs in your home

It is no surprise that Scandinavian area rugs gained such a tremendous worldwide popularity. Not only are their designs beautiful, but quality of their weave could put other carpets to shame.

When buying a new rug for yourself, there are many things to consider. Will it suit your furniture? How about walls? Can I go for a bold color? Will this rug fulfill my aesthetic needs? In this article we share some of our ideas on how you can use Scandinavian area rugs in your home.

How to Style a Scandinavian Area Rug

First of all, think about the desired size of your area rug. It will have a huge impact on how furniture will be placed. In addition, it will create the atmosphere of the interior. If you have a beautiful floor don’t hide it under a carpet. Instead, choose a smaller piece which will highlight it. On the other hand, if you desire a more put-together room, a bigger rug might be the answer. There are two approaches to placing furniture on or near carpets. If you decide on a smaller area rug, putting front legs of your furnishings on and back legs off it will connect different pieces of decor together. As a result, you will get a sense of good proportion. With bigger rugs, all legs usually rest on the carpet. Thus, they create a harmonious composition. Sometimes it is also possible to mix two of those approaches by placing some furniture fully on the carpet and other partially. However, this method demands a lot of experimenting.

Decorating with Scandinavian area rugs is extremely rewarding as they suit a wide range of styles – from very modern, through bohemian-inspired to homely and rustic interiors. Minimalistic approach of their weavers resulted in simplistic but elegant patterns that will not disturb the gentle balance between different accessories or pieces of decor. Vintage Scandinavian rugs are an excellent choice for those of us who prefer toned-down and neutral colors.


Swedish design pile rug format

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