Vintage Decorative Area Chinese Rug

Vintage Decorative Area Chinese Rug Description:

A mid 20th century Vintage Chinese Deco rug. Woven circa 1940, this oriental carpet would easily fit Emperor's bedchamber. Royal shade of purplish red combined with orange and beige elements, gives it an air of elegance and grandeur, making any type of interior inimitable. The small piece in carpet's far left corner, depicting two pagodas bathed in gentle sunlight, surrounded by luscious orange-golden clouds, undoubtedly alludes to the rich culture and art of its country of origin. Combining Chinese art deco with magnificent traditional pattern, this carpet is style incarnate. Rectangular orange and beige ornaments on the rug's surface give it a unique artful appearance, which could be easily seen on contemporary carpets, thus making it timeless as well as classic. Woven with care and a set of unparallel skills in 1940's, this marvelous carpet will charm everyone with its beauty - from art aficionados to expert historians.
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