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New Traditional Inspired rug N12021 12'2" × 16'3" (370 × 495 cm) $28,000

Although presently made, this enchanting rug comprises all the greatest features of traditional craft. The bold design reveals influence of famous art trends such as Arts&Crafts or Art Nouveau, represented by an allover, graceful floral pattern. The face of the modern rug flaunts a palette of grays with bluish undertones that balances the composition, giving it a great deal of chic. The rug would be perfect in Mid-Century Modern arrangements yet its range of possible applications is extremely wide.

In terms of execution, this traditional-inspired rug has definitely something to boast about. It was carefully hand-knotted of supreme wool in accordance with centuries-old techniques by a skilled artisan. Due to such making, it is durable, resilient and absolutely unique. Provided little care, the carpet will serve its owners for generations showing no signs of wear.

New, modern and custom rugs by Doris Leslie Blau are made with great passion and expertise to ensure the highest possible quality and designs that will inspire awe in years to come. We rely on centuries-old techniques, combining them with contemporary aesthetic thought and a pinch of experimental approach. Browse our website or visit one of our galleries to see for yourself how passionate we are about rugs and customer satisfaction.


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Price: $28,000

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Item No.: N12021 Size: 12'2" × 16'3" (370 × 495 cm)
Color: Blue Style: Floral