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New Arrival: Antique Moroccan Flatweave


We’re excited to show off this recently-acquired Moroccan flatweave. Woven sometime circa, 1940, the rug is 10’3” by 6’8”. The muted color palette contains shades of fallow, sienna, melon, and Aegean blue. However, in concert there’s something symphonic about the design, bold but harmonious, full of flourish yet synchronized.

There’s also a symmetry to the geometric patterning that contains myriad singular details, no two squares in the central field are exactly alike. One can almost imagine it as a bird’s eye view of dozens of rugs laid out together on an open field.

Texture also adds liveliness to this piece. There’s a sense of movement in the pile that makes the look and feel all the more dynamic.

One mark of a great antique rug is its versatility amidst interiors and aesthetic modes, and this piece definitely has that. It would pair well with mid-century modern furniture, but we can as easily see it in a contemporary organic modern space – the craftsmanship lends a folk feel that could readily complement natural structural materials.

Price available upon request. To peruse more of our vintage and antique Moroccan rugs, go here.