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Large Moroccan Rug
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Large Moroccan Rug N11178 14'7" × 17'0" $28,000

What modern area rugs are most loved for is how easily they can change the entire interior. Because of their size, area rugs easily become the room’s centerpiece, helping to ground decor in a particular style. Moreover, they tend to warm up emptied or cold spaces, making them more homely as a result. Modern area rugs are usually used with two goals in mind – first is to unify a space by making it more put together and second is to define an individual space in a room, a haven of some sorts. Among all types of area carpets, bold rugs can certainly make the biggest impact on an interior.

This stunning bold rug is a dream come true of any art aficionado. It was hand woven using only the highest quality wool available, which ensured both its softness and durability. What certainly draws attention to it is the beauty of its design. The pattern includes an all over geometric composition of short parallel straight lines placed either horizontally or vertically. The color palette accompanying it is rather modest, but there is no denying of its elegance. Various shades of gray work together

Unique designs and superb craftsmanship of contemporary rugs make them a very popular choice amongst our clients, and this is why our talented crew pays close attention to every modern carpet that comes through Doris Leslie Blau’s New York City Gallery. We want to make sure that you will only get crème de la crème of the industry.


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Price: $28,000

Item No.: N11178 Size: 14'7" × 17'0" (444 × 518 cm)
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