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Swedish Design Modern Area Rug N11142

Price: $15,000

Modern area rugs by Doris Leslie Blau draw richly from the centuries-old history of rug-weaving, at the same time considering the latest trends and the demands of the ever-changing market. We believe in lastingness of utilitarian objects so our carpets are hand-made of the finest materials with no exceptions. Swedish Design Modern Area Rug before you is a well-executed traditional-inspired piece imbued with soul.

Based on the mid-20th-century Scandinavian craft, the rug distinguishes itself with simplicity and a note of playfulness. Its orderly design exudes a slightly folkish vibe but it’s far from gaudiness. The pastel colors, including brown, fawn, green, light blue, orange and beige, are arranged in such a way to attract the eye yet evoke tranquility and associations with bucolic countryside. Nonetheless, with a bit of confidence, one may match it with a state-of-the-art or even futuristic décor.

Next to an absolutely appealing appearance the area rug can boast of impeccable execution. Carefully hand-woven of top-notch wool, its structure is firm, resilient and dependable. As classic Scandinavian carpets, this flat-weave is an investment for years. With minimum amount of care, it will withstand years of usage, showing no signs or blemish.

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Item No.: N11142 Size: 12'0" × 15'2" (365 × 462 cm)