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Decorating with Kazak Rugs

Among marvelous creations of Middle Asia, Kazak rugs are a beautiful curiosity.

Created in historic Kazak Khanate hidden between mountains which now belong to Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia, Kazak rugs have been woven by Azeri Turks, very skillful weavers and dyers. Their designs, deeply rooted in local traditions, seduced many people and inspired countless beautiful interiors which we will help you recreate.

Patterns of Kazak carpets are highly geometrized, often including simplified human and animal figures. Some other traditional motifs are guls, medallion-like designs consisting of a few smaller medallions and a latch hook. Their form makes Kazak rugs a great choice for extremely minimalistic interiors devoted of patterns, and their richness will highlight the simplicity of furnishings and accessories.

Dyes handpicked by Kazak craftsmen are unparalleled. Made only from natural resources, they remain vibrant and vivacious despite the flow of time. In the palette of Kazak rugs jewel tones seem to dominate: carpets are full of luscious reds and blues, crowned with just a pinch of ivory. However, such strong tones make it difficult to successfully incorporate a Kazak carpet into a room with a defined color theme. In order to avoid the clash of two incompatible hues, it might be a good idea to put Kazak carpets in an interior with walls in a neutral color and decorations in shades similar to the rug. Not only will this make the otherwise plain interior look original, but also connect various pieces of decor together.

When it comes to furniture that complements Kazak rugs best, opinions are divided. Because of their wild aura, classic interiors might feel off balance when in presence of such a rug, but very modern forms seem to have taken a liking to the originality of Kazaks. Bohemian style will also greatly benefit from the presence of such a carpet, due to their ethnical designs and beautifully handcrafted piles.

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