Hemp Rugs

Plant-based fibers are steadily gaining popularity among interior designers and carpet aficionados. Ecological and durable, they are a perfect choice for a practical household. However, few textiles make as good material for weaving as hemp does. An organic fiber made from Cannabis, hemp was used as a textile for centuries, especially in China, Canada & Australia.

A piece of hemp fabric was found to be the oldest human artifact, dated at 8000 BC! Extremely popular in U.S since colonialism, the mass production of this fiber was cut short by Controlled Substances Act created in 1970. While the Cannabis from which hemp is created and marijuana have little in common, the societal stigma is still present, making it an unpopular choice due to fear of prosecutions. Luckily, more and more people decide to give it a try after seeing many arguments in its favor.  

One of the reasons why hemp carpets are gaining interest of the public, is their positive impact on the environment. The Cannabis plants grow extremely fast in any kind of climate and terrain, without any need for artificial fertilizers which could pollute the soil. During the production of fiber, every part of the plant is utilized, making the whole process practical and. Moreover, plant-based rugs can be easily woven by hand, thus excluding the use of heavy machinery and fuels. 


Thanks to its structure, hemp is more durable than cotton, silk or other organic fibers – a great choice for high-traffic areas, such as corridors. Although some people don’t like the natural coarseness of these rugs, there is a very simple solution to this problem. By wearing it down, hemp becomes softer and, surprisingly, stronger. With this fiber, you won’t have to worry about rot and mildew as it possesses natural resilience to fungi and parasites.
Another advantage of hemp rugs is their relatively low price, comparing to silk or wool. Paired with their extreme durability, they make a perfect investment in the long run, especially for students or young couples with children. Hemp rugs are not only practical, but also very stylish. While often linked to the refreshing style of holiday houses on the seaside, they will look equally good in minimalistic decor or traditional setting. Natural fiber rugs work extraordinarily well in open-concept homes as they normally sport neutral hues, which perfectly match almost every kind of carpets, colors, or patterns.

Durable, elegant and ecological, hemp carpets are everything one could look for. While they might not be suitable for some,due to their origin and coarseness, others will appreciate their high quality and affordable price.