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Formal – Informal Rugs

Those who look for fine carpets know that the market is full of original and stunning pieces waiting to be claimed. From antique through vintage to contemporary, rugs can be found in all shapes, sizes and colors. With such a wide choice, every person is bound to find something suiting her/his tastes.

Just like any other piece of house decor, carpets can be divided into two categories: formal and informal. Both have very distinct characteristics that make them desirable. What are the basic differences between formal and informal carpets?

When it comes to formal rugs, the majority of them can be found among antique rugs. Generally produced in cities or large weaving centers, they often originate from the Middle East. Places like Iran, Turkey and India have a grounded position among other carpet-making countries, as their pieces are one of the most beautiful in the world. Their extremely detailed arabesque patterns and harmonious compositions are what defines formal rugs. However, European designs don’t fall short. Elegant Savonneries, Aubussons,Axminsters, Art Deco and Spanish carpets are an embodiment of chic and grace. In private homes we are more likely to see formal carpets in foyers, living and dining rooms, as those are spaces which require a small dose of formality on everyday basis.

Formal rugs are very desirable in official spaces, such as offices, board rooms and public institutions – places where important meetings take place and ideas are being exchanged. This is because they help to create a refined environment which can be beneficial during negotiations or other kinds of business talks.

Informal rugs, on the other hand, have much more relaxed designs, which often include lively colors and playful decor. This is especially the case with vintage and contemporary rugs, as their creators were eager to experiment with dyes and materials, compared to rather conservative weavers from the past. Oriental rugs, which are often woven by the tribes for domestic uses, have all traits of informal carpets. Moroccan rugs also fall into this category, as their patterns are more symbolic in nature and have less to do with aesthetics. Vintage Scandinavian rugs were designed with private homes in mind, so there’s no wonder that their warm aura benefits them the best.

Informal carpets are most often found in places such as bedrooms, leisure rooms and play rooms, as their bright colors and design often helps with the development of small children. Restaurants, boutiques and schools can also find informal carpets useful, as their presence creates a friendly environment, which is a delight to be in.

In the end, the choice between informal and formal depends on one’s personal taste. There is no right or wrong kind of a rug – they all have their benefits and drawbacks. Here, at Doris Leslie Blau, we are happy to help you look for a perfect rug. Check our vast offer of highest quality carpets from all over the world. Who knows? Maybe you find that one and only which will make your home special? 

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