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Contemporary Green Rug N11095

Although the beauty and quality of antique rugs is beyond compare, modern designers prove time and time again that they are just as talented as the masters of old. The carpet market is full of masterfully designed contemporary rugs, tailored to the needs and tastes of the clientele. Thanks to the considerable development of art and new technologies in weaving and carpet manufacturing, nowadays we are witnesses to the creation of masterpieces, designed by the crème de la crème of the art world. Modern rugs often draw inspiration from the past, but just as many decide to go their own way and create revolutionary pieces, which take by surprise even the most experienced carpet aficionados.

This beautiful contemporary rug impersonates everything that’s best in both antique and modern carpets. While this rug lack a pattern, its texture and glossiness are more than adequate replacement for it. Knotted by hand, the rug was made using the highest quality silk in order to ensure both its luxurious sheen and delightful softness of the pile. Deep emerald with discreet blue undertones was a perfect choice for the rug’s color palette and certainly draws the eye!

While the size of this contemporary rug, 10’2″ × 13’2″ (310 × 401 cm), might seem a bit intimidating for some, however, it will be a perfect fit for spacious interiors and larger venues in dire need of some classic elegance! You can’t go wrong with a rug of such beauty!

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Item No.: N11095 Size: 10'2" × 13'2" (309 × 401 cm)
Color: Green Style: Solid