Aegean Green by Bunny Williams
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Aegean Green by Bunny Williams N11712

Price: $15,000

With this modern designer rug brands, the icon of design and decorating Bunny Williams takes us far away in time and space to the ancient Greece at the shores of the vast and clear Aegean sea. This awe-inspiring journey is provided by the ingenious design kept in the soothing tones of Aegean green color, accompanied by toned moss green and sandy beige.

The allover geometric pattern resembling of slender Grecian vases placed in even, orderly rows even further emphasizes the unique atmosphere of “Hellas”. Next to being a mesmerizing work of art, this contemporary modern carpet is also distinguished by the upmost quality. Its sturdy pile was thoroughly knotted by hand of the finest wool in accordance with old and refined weaving techniques by a skilled artisan.

Due to such meticulous making, the rug will be able to serve its proprietors for many years without the slightest signs of wear. Modern, yet deeply rooted in the rich tradition of carpet making and drawing from ancient aesthetics, this Aegean green rug will most definitely fit into a wide array of interior arrangements, bringing in the warmth of the Greek sun and the serenity of the Aegean waters.

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Item No.: N11712 Size: 11'8" × 13'4" (355 × 406 cm)
Color: Brown, Green Style: Botanic