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Celtic Area Rugs

Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England, for centuries has been a riddle and mystery to people. One of the theories links its origin and function to druids. Pagan and very ancient druids, Celtic mythology and symbols have fascinated people for decades. Celtic area rugs are permeated with these influences.

The Celtic Symbolsim

Celtic area rugs are highly intriguing. The Celtic symbols are the ones with the most mystical beauty in them. However, the looks are not their most important characteristic. First, let’s consider triskele or triskelion. This is the symbol of three conjoined spirals. Its meaning is diverse. For example, we can assume that they symbolize a cycle, action, revolution, or progress. It might be life – death – rebirth or father – mother – child. Celtic knots, crosses, Green Man, the tree of life… These we can find among other well-known Celtic symbols. In the past, life of the Celts was full of dangers. Thus, they used the symbols on objects to transfer a thing into something that could bring security. Nowadays we mostly use symbols as decorations. We tend to forget about their initial meaning. As a result, we treat them as objects of pure beauty.

The Making of the Celtic Area Rugs

There are carpet manufacturers in Ireland, Scotland or in the US, who create gorgeous Celtic rugs. It is possible to buy a high-quality handmade rug. On the other hand, you can also purchase a machine made one. The artists usually create handmade carpets from wool and manufacture them with care. In addition, they have a soft touch and meaningful luxury. Area rugs with Celtic motifs are exquisite. The pattern may be almost anything. For example, it might be a huge Celtic knot in the middle surrounded by many smaller details. One can also spot a rug in a plain color with a golden knot border. The colors are bold and resemble the nature around us. So, the artisans use deep greenery of ancient forests, gold and yellows of the sun, greys, silver of the moon and the dark blues of the night.

Purchasing Celtic area rugs will transform your room into a special place. The Celtic symbols will add mystery and a touch of magic into the area and will create a feeling of unity with the ancient divine power.

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