Vintage Swedish Pile Rug, Origin: Sweden, Circa: 1950, a mid 20th century vintage Swedish level looped pile rug. In case of this carpet fibers have the form of loops. This style of carpet weaving causes a great comfort of use. It's design is harmonious and full of energy at the same time. Color of a background is silver gray. It occurs on the edges of the carpet accompanied by small red squares, in turn, in the main part of a rug the background creates horizontal and vertical lines dividing the surface into 16 large squares. Each of them is constructed of eight isosceles triangles in two shades of red. Both symmetric edges of the composition are constructed of white diamonds in contact with a mosaic of yellow, red and white triangles. This Swedish project is dominated by hypnotizing, geometric order - however, it is full of warmth due to use of color. Becouse of its pure Scandinavian character, the rug is suitable for anyone who appreciates both the regularity and purity of the form.
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