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Area Rugs – Bold Art Deco Rugs in Small Flats

Art Deco Area rugs are characterized by their great size, which sometimes can be their greatest disadvantage, especially in small flats. Not only will they take up most of the floor, but also dominate room’s whole decor. Can something be done about that? Of course! Although art decorating with area rugs is undoubtedly challenging, it is not an impossible feat. All you need is a little bit of imagination and courage! 

As it happens with majority of modern area rugs (although is just as common in antique area rugs) they are highly decorative and colorful. If you want to buy such an art deco area rug, first make sure that it will fit in the motif you have already going in your house. Because of the size, area carpet will immediately become the focus of the interior, so keep in mind that if something doesn’t go with it, people will notice this dissonance immediately, no matter if it is a pattern or color. However, don’t let it stop you from choosing something you love. Don’t be afraid of bold and big ornamentations or vivacious palettes. What our guests will think is important, but remember that you are the one who lives in that house, so make it how you like. 

Size is another extremely important thing to consider, when purchasing area rug. As your space will be limited, consider experimenting with carpet’s shape. Get yourself a square, triangular or round carpet! This will help you work out some of the limitations and make your room look original and fresh. 

And finally, furniture placement. Depending on how much floor will your area carpet cover, some of it might be placed on its pile. This can beneficial in some situations, but if your rug of choice is made of very delicate fiber, such as silk or happens to be antique, you might want not to place anything heavy on it in order not to risk any damage. 

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