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Antique Turkish Rugs: Craftsmanship and Heritage of Plentitude

During the 15th and 16th Centuries, Turkish rugs were so popular in the European market that “Turkey Rug” became shorthand for all oriental rugs, regardless of origin. Today, antique Turkish rugs are a testament to the enduring power of old-world craftsmanship.

The Turkish weaving tradition dates back to the 13th century, when nomadic tribes started arriving in the Central Asian region. Due to the rich diversity of ethnicities among these tribes, there are many distinct schools of design that fall under the Turkish tradition. Here, we’ll show you a few choice examples of the diversity of art and craftsmanship contained in that tradition.


Compared with Persian rugs, Turkish rugs tend to have simpler, more rectilinear patterns. This early 20th–century Oushak rug is a good example – bold, blocky medallions in warm, ruddy colors.


Jumping a few decades ahead, here’s a circa-1950 vintage Turkish rag rug with irregular stripes that give it a heady, modernist vibe.


An early antique Turkish rug, this one was woven circa 1820, with an unusually wide border and four globular central medallions that almost hint at abstract modernism (despite the time period). This rug is one of a kind.


This antique Turkish Sivas rug is a choice blend of elegance and singularity. Notice how the central medallion is ablaze with intricate flourishes. Sivas rugs come from northern Turkey, and their designs are influenced by Persian rugs, but they’re still uniquely Turkish. Sivas are boldly and unapologetically decorative, statement pieces to be sure.


This one’s a real heart-stopper. Where to start? This antique Turkish Oushak rug is a bevy of golden delight, richly patterned in border and field. Oushak rugs offer some of the richest and most delicate designs available among Oriental rugs. Here we have a prime example of that beauty.

As you can see, vintage and antique Turkish rugs are rich in heritage and abundant patterns that speak to a beautiful, multi-faceted culture. The huge gamut of aesthetics encompassed by Turkish design give them wide versatility in modern interiors.

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