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Vintage Persian Khorassan Rug

Vintage Persian Khorassan Rug BB6085

Price: $95,000

Representing the best of Khorassan, a legendary Persian weaving center, this genuine antique rug highlights the country’s profound artistic traditions and unmatched skills of its artisans. The striking impression is provided by the carpet’s detailed and well thought-out design along with masterful execution and first-rate materials.

The main field takes us to opulent Shah’s gardens where we can immerse ourselves in deep indigo field embellished with an allover thicket of the finest Persian blossoms, including lilies, hyacinths, ponies and roses, all interconnected in a diagonal harmony. Their light brown and sandy beige petals and vines against the light blue background seem to be made of pure gold. This warm sandy shade is repeated on multiple borders where it dominates, with only minute touches of indigo. The series of borders creates a counterweight to the intricate central part of the antique carpet and adds a truly royal touch to this blooming composition.

As can be expected of such magnificent creation, this antique persian carpet for sale was thoroughly hand-crafted of the finest wool in accordance with old and refined weaving techniques by a master weaver. Due to such meticulous making, this venerable piece has lasted until this day without any signs of damage and will undoubtedly serve its owners for generations. Its creamy texture is no less compelling than the mesmerizing design and the pile will be pure pleasure both to the eye and the hand. This veritable Khorassan carpet is an ideal option for all connoisseurs of timeless beauty and never-fading elegance.

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Item No.: BB6085 Circa: 1920 Size: 11'7" × 17'4" (353 × 528 cm)Categories: , , ,