Chinese Runner (fragment)
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Chinese Runner (fragment) BB6494

Price: $30,000

Chinese Deco is an intriguing merger of the ancient Chinese oriental rug art with European Art Deco born in the Far East out of necessity to cater for the western markets. This fantastic antique Chinese runner may be called a paragon of the style as it exhibits both masterful execution and mesmerizing design steeped with Asian vibe yet maintaining the boldness of the French Deco. The main field proudly bears magnificent floral pattern with meandering foliage and vinery. It is enclosed by a thick main border and complemented with a thin, double secondary border from within.

The color palette relies mainly on profound tones of navy and pastel blue that are aptly balanced with warm beige which constitutes the background of the main field. This beautiful Chinese vintage carpet runner is distinguished by upmost quality as it was meticulously hand-made by a skilled artisan in the centuries-old weaving techniques of the finest wool. The fact that the antique rug survived until this day without a sign of blemish is the best proof of its durability. The runner rug will be perfect to adorn staircases, corridors, transitional and ample rooms, bringing in the glamour and glory of Chinese Deco.

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Item No.: BB6494 Circa: 1900 Size: 3'4" × 28'0" (101 × 853 cm)
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