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Vintage Deco Chinese Rug BB6221

Price: $60,000

Vintage Deco Chinese Rug. An early 20th century Chinese art Deco rug. Circa: 1940. This remarkable rug comes from the dusk of Chinese Art Deco period. The outbreak of the II World War had diminished the flourishing production of carpets in China to a large extent. In result, the vintage oriental rugs that remained, and additionally made it to Europe and the States, became exceptionally valuable. This one is extraordinary for more reasons.

The minimalism applied to its conceptual design is unusual-steel grey background is offset by darker, spare motifs, retaining a great deal of open space. A characteristic Chinese geometrical ornament, running on the borders, seems to be irregular, in spite of its perfectly repetitive pattern.

The centerpiece is a five-pointed star, which may be a reference to revolutionary movements taking place at that time. All creates an energetic, dynamic vibe, despite the simple, almost ascetic color palette. The cut-pile weave and soft woolen fibers ideally complement this vintage rug shop, making it a perfect choice for a true connoisseur.

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Item No.: BB6221 Circa: 1940 Size: 15'8" × 16'10" (477 × 513 cm)
Color: Gray Style: Casual, Geometric Origin: Chinese Rugs