Vintage Chinese Rug

Vintage Chinese Rug Description:

This circa-1850 antique Chinese rug features floral motifs and vines against a field of beige, and a dark blue border containing more stylized flowers and vines. There is evidence that decorative oriental rugs and carpets have been a significant art form within the Chinese culture for many centuries, if not for several millennia. Mostly in blues and beiges, with classical symbols of longevity, elaborate lotus blossoms, chrysanthemums, cloud-band motifs, foo-dogs and birds, these antique Chinese carpets and rugs are frequently visible in paintings from as early as the Tang Period. In the borders of antique Chinese rugs and carpets, mythical animals and scrolling vines impart mystical, cultural and symbolic meanings to the appreciation of this genre. Unlike Persian rugs, Chinese rugs are not generally associated with local rug production areas, but there are differences between central Chinese rugs and those from East Turkestan, Tibet and Mongolia.

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