Vintage Chinese Rug

Vintage Chinese Rug Description:

This early 20th century antique Chinese rug features a border of floral motifs in shades of blue and beige against a field of oatmeal. Popular Eastern symbols such as the swastika, a Buddhist graphical representation of eternity, can be seen in the corners. There is evidence that decorative oriental rugs and carpets have been a significant art form within the Chinese culture for many centuries, if not for several millennia. Mostly in blues and beiges, with classical symbols of longevity, elaborate lotus blossoms, chrysanthemums and cloud-band motifs, these antique Chinese carpets and rugs are frequently visible in paintings from as early as the Tang Dynasty. For the most part, designs of antique Chinese rugs are as indigenous as those of antique Chinese porcelains and silk textiles, featuring the repeating simple design devices of swastikas and fretwork.
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