Extra Large Antique Persian Tabriz Rug BB1400

Extra Large Antique Persian Tabriz Rug Description:

A late 19th century Tabriz rug from Northwest Persia, the oatmeal field with polychrome palmette, rosette and leafy vine trellis overall within a light blue palmette and angular vine border.

Antique Persian rugs can most certainly be called the crème de la crème of all Oriental rugs for sale. Among various types of antique oriental rugs, the ones from Persia stand out quite substantially due to several unmistakable features. For centuries, their intricate and highly significant patterns have been achieved due to the application of the asymmetric knot, also known as the Persian knot or the Senneh knot, which allows a weaver to attain a higher knot density and thus, a more detailed design. Thanks to such expert craftsmanship, Oriental rugs from Persia developed some of the most iconic motifs. The Tree of Life symbolizing direct path from Earth to Heaven, opulent medallions, ornamental spandrels, meticulous floral or fruit patterns bearing many meanings, religious references, as well as animal representations and pictorial scenes, all belong to the magnificent repertoire of antique Persian large brown area rugs .

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