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Antique Persian Khorassan Carpet BB3961 12'5" × 19'4" $100,000

An extraordinary early 20th century Persian antique khorassan rug, the sage field with a luxurious Ardabil-inspired design of flowering vinery and cypresses with a central small roundel ringed by cypresses and flowers within a yellow border with unusual leaves.

Khorasan consists of two words, “Khor” and “Asan,” meaning “rising sun” as befits a region on Iran’s eastern border. Bordering the Salt Desert to the west and Afghanistan and Turkmenistan to the east the Khorassan region (or more correctly, province) is home to many well-known Oriental antique carpet workshops in the towns of Amoghli, Khamenei, Makhmalbaf, Saber, Zarbaf, and, of course, Meshad. With a good supply of soft wool, high quality craftsmen, a mix of larger city-based workshops, looms in smaller villages, and access to the Silk Road, Khorassan has a reputation far and wide as a source of the largest and most varied assortment of beautiful Persian rugs and carpets.


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Price: $100,000

Item No.: BB3961 Circa: 1900 Size: 12'5" × 19'4" (378 × 589 cm)
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