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Antique Persian Heriz Rug

Antique Persian Heriz Rug BB4542

Price: $9,000

An early 20th century Persian Heriz antique rug, the brown field with a spacious allover trellis of enlarged serrated leaves, feathery palmettes and angular flowering vinery within an orange turtle-palmette vinery border.

Prized for their pronounced geometric style, impeccable execution and saturated color palettes, Persian Heriz rugs, also known as Serapi rugs, and Bakshaish rugs are in a class of their own. These mesmerizing carpets are regional cousins from northwest Persia, thus they share mutual origins. The northwest part of Persia is the area straddling the Caucasus mountains and Caspian sea, bordering with South Asia. It includes parts of Iran, Azerbaijan and Armenia. Therefore, Persian rugs and Bakshaish rugs represent the convergence of different cultures, from the Kazakhs and Khazars to the invading Mughals. In the past, the Northwest Persian district comprised of dozens of villages and niche communities hidden in the shadow of towering mountains and steep valleys which formed a stable carpet-producing network that has survived until this day and maintained its prestige thanks to the awe-inspiring Persian Heriz rugs and Bakshaish carpets in NYC.

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