Antique Indian Amritsar Rug BB5570

Antique Indian Amritsar Rug Description:

An early 20th century antique Amritsar carpet from India, the sand field with a spacious overall pattern of floral motifs, crowns and leaves within an abrashed pale pink serrated leaf and scrolling vine border.

Due to the fact that antique rugs were born approximately late and shaped to satisfy the tastes of western customers, their designs easily fit into contemporary interior arrangements. Although steeped with the oriental tradition, indian carpets from Amritsar exhibit a truly unique appeal, much closer to what’s presently in vogue than any other antique rug category. They will be perfect for many fashionable decorating styles – one may match them with a colorful and free-spirited bohemian décor, let them complement a classic abode, or give them a chance to enhance a minimalistic modern space. In any case, brilliant antique Amritsar rugs for sale will bring in the glamour and recherché charm of Indian craftsmanship.

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