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Antique Indian Amritsar Rug Late 19th Century BB4578 20'3" × 21'0" $200,000

While antique Indian rugs are well known for their traditional designs, some of them incorporate more Western approach. Amritsar rugs were inspired by the goods brought from Europe and while they sometimes feature elements familiar for those interested in Western design, their creators never forgot about the beauty of traditional Indian rugs.  One of the greatest strengths ofAmritsar rugs is their impeccable quality. Their coloration usually relies on earthy, subdued colors including light blues, yellows, teal, burgundies and mauves. The rich heritage and beauty of antique rugs continue to position them among the most decorative components of today’s interiors.

Woven in the late 19th century, circa 1890, this Amritsar rug dazzles with its subtle elegance and Oriental charm. Everything, from pattern to the color palette, was made with a great attention to even the smallest of details. The main field contains an intricate allover trellis of flowering vinery with a tasteful palmette and flowering branch border. The colors of this antique rug are warm-toned, making it even more appealing. Ruddy and earthy browns are contrasted with creamy beige in an exotic composition. Delicate pattern combined with the color palette looks almost like a latticework.

The size of this antique Indian rug, 20’3″ × 21’0″ (617 × 640 cm), makes it a great choice for larger venues or open space flats in need of a timeless elegance. We would like to encourage you to browse through our grand collection of high quality antique rugs and see its countless treasures for yourself.


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Price: $200,000

Item No.: BB4578 Circa: 1890 Size: 20'3" × 21'0" (617 × 640 cm)
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