Oversized Antique Indian Amritsar Rug BB6812

Oversized Antique Indian Amritsar Rug Description:

This circa-1880 Amritsar antique Indian rug features a stunning design of palmette, serrated leaf and floral motifs in electrifying colors of pink, red, green and yellow standing out in bold contrast against a field of dark blue. Outside the guard border, the elaborate arabesques and botanical patterns continue over a pale beige background. The boteh shape, a staple of oriental carpets, can be glimpsed throughout.

A pear-shaped figure characteristic of the paisley pattern, the boteh may represent a leaf or a pinecone. Amritsar (meaning "the lake of immortality" in Sanskrit) is a city in the northwest of India near the Kashmir region. The weavers of this city's tradition created unique textiles in part because they had not developed a distinctive style of rug-weaving as early as other Indian counterparts. While regions of southern and western India began weaving Persian-influenced rugs during the Mughal era, the weavers of Amritsar looked to the sensibilities of the West. \n

This Oversized Antique Rug is from our famous extra large area rugs for living room gallery collection.

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