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Vintage Hooked Rug BB3232


A mid 20th century hooked rug patterns, the open yellow beige field with an elegant white blossom and vinery wreath around a delicate central floral bouquet within a thin yellow line frame.

Cultures all over the world have always had ways of reusing materials since their production in the past required much more effort, time and, relatively, money than today. Rag antique rugs and hooked vintage rugs are paramount examples of traditional recycling. They were (and still are) made from discarded clothes, leftover scraps or clippings of fabric. Little do we know about the craft before the end of the 18th century. According to Jenni Stuart-Anderson, the author of “Rag antique rug Making”, these home-made textiles were first brought to Scotland by the Vikings, later to spread throughout the entire country.

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Item No.: BB3232 Circa: 1940 Size: 11'3" × 14'2" (342 × 431 cm)
Style: Botanic, Formal