Vintage American Hooked Rug BB2647

Vintage American Hooked Rug Description:

A second quarter 20th century American hooked antique rug the ivory field with a faint tile pattern overlaid by a delicate lozenge lattice within a lush vinery frame with red roses and within a solid crimson outer border.

Proliferating in regions where the winters were long, the climate cold and the economy limited, American hand hooked area rugs were traditionally made by pulling a narrow strip of cut fabric up through a foundation material (typically burlap or linen) with a special tool. Settling in coastal New England and Canada, the fishermen, farmers and the womenfolk who emigrated from Northern Europe, brought with them traditional crafts and a common culture that led to the evolution of handmade vintage area rugs that are now considered a significant category of American folk art. Motifs for American rugs were often inspired by the maker's natural environment consisting of sea shells, fallen leaves, animals, the family dog, buildings, flowers, baskets, seascapes and landscape vignettes.

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