Oversized Antique French Aubusson Carpet BB0181

Oversized Antique French Aubusson Carpet Description:

A French Aubusson carpet, the cobalt field with a Louis XV Aubusson pile carpet design overall of enlarged palmettes and cartouches within a cobalt stylized tulip and flowering vine border. Provenance: Formerly in the collection of Charles de Besteigiu, Chateau de Groussay.

When a rug in french measures more than twenty feet (width or length), it is considered as extra large area rugs. There is definitely something magical in carpets of this kind, since their production often takes a very long time and involves plenty of weavers. Oversized antique rugs are admired not only because of their overall beauty and artistry of designs, but also for the consistent attention to detail. In the majority of cases, antique oversized carpets were commissioned by more affluent members of the society, sometimes whole families. They needed custom-made carpets, with specific sizes to completely cover the floors of their houses. Various styles of antique oversized rugs for sale can be distinguished, like Antique Persian, Indian, Turkish, European Rugs etc.

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