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Antique French Aubusson Rug
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Antique French Aubusson Rug BB6149 7'6" × 8'2" $5,000

This circa-1880 antique French Aubusson rug features a large center medallion of a floral arrangement ringed with stylized leaves and a bright light blue border containing floral abstractions and an inset, smaller border of leafy vinery. Pink, beige and dark green predominate against a field of solid beige, with an ornate, creamy quality reminiscent of oil painting. The Aubusson rugs for sale, Creuse commune of France is renowned for tapestry manufacture. Typically, oldest European carpet depended on engravings as a design source or the full-scale cartoons from which the low-warp tapestry-weavers worked. Figures were set against a conventional background of verdure, stylized foliage and vignettes of plants on which birds perch and from which issue glimpses of towers and towns. Even today, the center in Aubusson, under control of the French Ministry of Arts, is producing antique carpets and rugs of the most exquisite quality.(SOLD)


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Item No.: BB6149 Circa: 1880 Size: 7'6" × 8'2" (228 × 248 cm)
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