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Vintage Rug (Dhurrie) BB6191

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A mid 20th century antique Indian Dhurrie rug, Circa: 1950. This vintage area rug great size is not its only advantage. Thanks to weaving technique developed by Indians, this handmade antique rug is surprisingly light for its size. Pleasantly warm during winter and soothingly cool in the summer, it can be used all year round without any limitations. Woven with flat weave technique circa 1950, this Indian vintage area rug was undoubtedly used during social or family gatherings, being a silent witness of many joys and celebrations. Rectangular outer pattern is a mirage of livid colors: blacks and reds paired with oranges and teals bordered by white lines create unique mosaic, resembling delicate tiles. Ornamented border, surrounding the pattern, is a hypnotic mix of two shades of blue and red, which together seem almost violet.

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Item No.: BB6191 Circa: 1950 Size: 23'0" × 23'0" (701 × 701 cm)
Style: Casual, Geometric Origin: Indian Rugs