Oversized Vintage Indian Dhurrie Rug
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Oversized Vintage Indian Dhurrie Rug BB6196

Price: $25,000

A late 20th century vintage Indian Dhurrie rug, Circa: 1950. This majestic Indian Dhurrie vintage rug impresses with its size, pattern and color. Very symbolic design is largely based on oriental traditional art. The motif placed on the borders depicts running water – a valuable and scarce resource in the ancient times. The main field is covered in little rhombuses which are arranged so they would form larger ones – the effect is absolutely hypnotizing. A diamond shape in the Orient symbolizes protection against the Evil Eye. All of it is teeming with vibrant blue and yellow colors. This flat-weave beauty is going to bring splendor to any interior.

Traditional Indian Dhurrie antique area rugs had been overshadowed by luxuriant Mughal pile carpets for too long. In the twentieth century these antique flat-woven Indian large area rugs began to be recognized and lauded as a significant art form of the Indian subcontinent. Transcending social boundaries, the Dhurrie rugs in NYC were used by both commoner and royalty. As versatile and welcome in a dirt-floor hut as it is in the most palatial home. At its simplest, it was a multi-purpose textile used as a floor covering, or for bedding or packaging, while the most elaborate were woven with the finest fibers and enhanced by gold-wrapped thread and graced the palaces of royalty.

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Item No.: BB6196 Circa: 1950 Size: 13'10" × 20'0" (421 × 609 cm)
Style: Casual, Geometric Origin: Indian Rugs