Vintage Chinese Rug BB6282

Vintage Chinese Rug Description:

A late 19th century antique Chinese metal and silk Rug, Circa: 1880, Origin: China. This is a rare example of Chinese metal and silk thread vintage rug. Antique Chinese silk rugs, unlike most of antique rug productions, were made almost exclusively for domestic use. Only in the 19th century did the marked open to the West in terms of trade, but also design.

Chinese skilled weavers adapted western flowery motifs to oriental style. This marvelous rug is a perfect example of this transition. The main field constitutes of rambling herbal motifs and three flower-like medallions. The main border is also covered in floral pattern, whereas outer and inner secondary borders are dark blue, with the inner additionally dotted. It is a treat for any connoisseur of genuine antique rugs.

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